Dance and podiatry. How to prevent the most common injuries

Dance and podiatry. How to prevent the most common injuries

Dance is a perfect combination of mind and body. It is characterized by combining energetic movements, balance, extreme positions and many hours in the same position. The feet are mostly the fundamental part of this sport, so it is important to prevent any pain or injury.

Both in dance and in any other sport, injuries are very frequent, so we are going to explain what the most frequent ailments tend to be, in order to prevent them before reaching extreme pain. The most common are:
- Ingrown toenails
- Chafing
- Calluses
- Pain in the sole of the foot
- Bunions
- Claw toes
- Tendon injuries (tendinopathy)
- Achilles tendon
- Bone injuries

Although those listed above are the most common, each body is different, and other types of pain and injury may appear.

Regarding the question of “What can I do to prevent injuries and take care of my feet if I practice dance? From Clínica del Pie Ana Frau we recommend:

That both before and after doing dance (always heeding the advice of dance professionals) do a thorough warm-up and stretching.

This way the body will get warm, and the body will not be so stiff. Another key factor is exercising adequate physical training, highlighting power and resistance exercises. And without leaving behind exercises for stability and balance.

And of course, a very important factor is to use good footwear. Keep it light, with a sole that withstands impact and provides free movement and flexibility.

Our part as podiatrists is to advise you to visit us to avoid the formation of corns and calluses, especially in areas where there is more pressure, and to prevent you from having pain later. On the other hand, it is important to control the growth of the nails so that they do not deform and lead to an ingrown nail. And of course, it is advisable to carry out a complete biomechanical study, so the dancer / dancer knows at all times the health of his feet and how his footprint is.

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