Plantar warts or papillomas on the feet. What are they and how to prevent them

 Plantar warts or papillomas on the feet. What are they and how to prevent them

Today in the blog we are going to talk about plantar warts or as it is better known among society, papillomas.
It is a fairly common pathology among the population. It is a viral infection, caused by human papilloma and is located, as the name says, on the soles of the feet.

It should be noted that anyone can have plantar warts, but especially to:

- Children and adolescents
-People with weakened immune systems
-People who have had plantar warts before
-People who walk barefoot in places where exposure to the virus is frequent (changing rooms, common swimming pools, etc.)

How is her aparience?
It is similar to a cauliflower, has a circumscribed surface and small black specks can be found inside it.


-Good hygiene.
-You have to keep your feet clean and dry
-Avoid sharing shoes and a towel
-Use footwear (flip flops) in changing rooms, common showers in gyms, swimming pools, those places with traffic of people.
-Be careful with wounds, since, if there are cracks or small injuries, they can be an entry point for the virus.
-Do not touch or tear warts If you touch a wart, wash your hands well as it could spread to other parts of the body

When plantar warts cause pain, it is possible that your walking posture is altered, which can cause muscle or joint discomfort, therefore, it is good that we examine our feet constantly.

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